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We all have questions every now and then.

Cleaning Questions

Are the products safe for my home?

While we have tested all products in thousands of homes, we don’t know your home. Make sure you always read the cleaning instructions on the label to check if a product is safe for your home, and when in doubt, ask Google. We love when you utilize our tips, but please recognize if you don’t read the fine print, you’re using our guides at your own risk. For the super boring lawyer version, you can find it here.

Can I mix… Do you know… How long should I…

No, yes, and 10 minutes, tops. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to answer individual questions as we get a LOT – 
hourly. Check out our product pages, blog and our Instagram for the answers you’re looking for.  

Cleaning Services

How do I book your cleaning services?

Calling in the pros? Good idea. Visit our website at to find out more. We’re located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and we service Calgary as well as a limited number of surrounding areas.

Currency Conversion

Can I pay in US dollars?

Hey, neighbor. Since GoCleanCo is a Canadian company, we use CAN currency by default. If the content of your cart is displayed in CAN dollars, and you are outside of Canada, the conversion to your currency will be automatic with the payment method used (such as credit cards, etc).

Some things are out of our control, like grubby toddlers and conversion rates – which may apply for some payment options.


What happens with currency conversion?

We’ll take care of it. Or rather, your credit card will. When you purchase, the amount will change from CAD to USD based on current exchange rates.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards as well as GooglePay, ApplePay, ShopPay and PayPal. Unfortunately, we don’t take crisp one-dollar bills.

How do I download my E-book?

Follow the SendOwl instructions in your inbox to download your Handbook onto your mobile device or computer. If you’re having a harder time than when your sister-in-law spilt wine on the shag rug, then email us at

I’m having issues downloading my E-book. Help?

Crap. Email us at and we’ll get to the bottom of things. 

How do I get an E-book?

Place your order here. Once completed you’ll get an order confirmation from BleachPrayLove for your records 
as well as an email from SendOwl Downloads. Check your spam or junk folders if you haven’t received it.  

Protection of Intellectual Property

Do you provide bulk pricing?

Ask and you shall receive. If you’re buying guides for your entire office or your book (ahem, wine) club, we are happy to reduce prices on our handbooks (both digital and physical) on bulk orders. Email for all the dirty deets.

Can I share your guides with my friends?

While we can’t tell you what you do, we’d prefer if you didn’t share them. Not only are they copyrighted books, but we worked our asses off to make them. They’re the same cost as a few Starbuck’s orders, so tell your filthy friends to get their own copies.

Save the PDF to your phone or computer for future reference. Avoid printing as we love the trees as much as we love the birds and the Febreze. But we also promote NOT dropping your phone in the toilet (yep, we have received that email). That’s part of the reason we created a WATERPROOF version.


What’s your shipping policy?

You can find all the super-important-but-kinda-boring information about shipping here. Please double (then triple) check that your address is correct. If you don’t receive your package or it gets returned to us due to an error in address, we are unable to offer a refund and are not responsible for costs of the replacement item.

What now?

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